Memory usage problems with on ProSavage DDR

François-Denis Gonthier neumann at
Sun Nov 9 17:24:26 PST 2008

"milnser43200 at" <milnser43200 at> writes:

> I am using on a s3 Prosavage video adapter, using video driver
> savage. I have been having significant problems with the vast
> amounts of memory that are being consumed, living very little space
> left for other applications. For instance, here is the readout from
> top that shows what i am talking about: 1 96 0 302M 20304K select
> 24.0H 3.61% Xorg
> This is really a huge problem has a have a limited amount of memory
> and disk space and because of this massive amount of memory
> consumed, other applications are running out of memory and crashing.
> I know should probably not be using this much memory and there
> is a bug somewhere in the software that is doing this. If you need
> any logs or anything please ask.

This is lacking a bit of data.

Do you have GNOME, FireFox, KDE, anything, running when you took that

X itself doesn't need much memory.  The applications interacting with
the X server make it allocate more memory.

So please if you think X is leaking or overconsuming memory, bring
forward more informations.


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