building modular xorg

François-Denis Gonthier neumann at
Sun Nov 9 17:18:28 PST 2008

"Manoa Nosea" <monohouse at> writes:

> according to:
> I more or less managed to built it, however if there is an updated
> location for any of these manuals I would like to know if there are
> any others.
> the real problem however, is that none of them specify how to prevent
> each package from accessing the system's libraries, so that the newly
> built xorg only sees the dependencies that I build, not the ones that
> are present in the system.
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I manage that just fine by using configure's prefix option and
PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the correct directory for the pkg-config of the
installed library.

If you have a more specific problem please say it.  I'm no expert but
I could help.

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