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Sun Nov 9 20:21:22 PST 2008

> "Manoa Nosea" <monohouse at> writes:
>> according to:
>> I more or less managed to built it, however if there is an updated
>> location for any of these manuals I would like to know if there are
>> any others.
>> the real problem however, is that none of them specify how to prevent
>> each package from accessing the system's libraries, so that the newly
>> built xorg only sees the dependencies that I build, not the ones that
>> are present in the system.

> I manage that just fine by using configure's prefix option and
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the correct directory for the pkg-config of the
> installed library.

  If you build everything so that the dependencies are built first,
it should work, but one pkg-config loaded incorrectly, and it will
be a "snow ball". Probably the best bet is to build on a computer
without devel packages installed, or build in a chroot.

  There are also compiz and grandr, that will link with external
libraries, that will push as dependencies the system installed

  Assuming you built everything correct, you still needs to "fight"
to get the programs to use the proper libraries, for simple cases,
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH should be enough, but not always, as some
intermediate script elsewhere (when loading a desktop environment)
may reset it.

  For basic/simple programs it should work, but more complex things,
will fail badly, due to things like some module loading dynamically
a library like But to tell you the truth, I don't know
all things that can go wrong, but I noticed things like event bases,
at least for damage and shape can get messed.
  So, again, the best bet to properly test it is probably either
not having the system X related libraries, or running tests from
a chroot.

> If you have a more specific problem please say it.  I'm no expert but
> I could help.
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