Is there a maintainer for proto/trapproto, lib/libXTrap, app/xtrap, and Xorg XTRAP extension?

Peter Breitenlohner peb at
Tue Nov 11 02:48:12 PST 2008


while looking through (gcc) compiler warnings I noticed, that the xtrap
headers probably ought to be reorganized.

1. Current status

At the moment proto/trapproto installs these headers:

(A)	<X11/extensions/xtrapbits.h>

(B)	<X11/extensions/xtrapemacros.h>

(C)	<X11/extensions/xtrapddmi.h>

where headers (A+B) are used by lib/libXTrap and app/xtrap,
whereas (A+C) are used by the Xorg XTRAP extension.

Moreover, xtrapdi.h declares the non-prototype function pointer types
 	typedef int  (*int_function)();
used by the Xorg XTRAP extension, as well as
 	typedef void (*void_function)();
used by the Xorg XTRAP extension, lib/libXTrap, and app/xtrap.

2. Desirable final status

proto/trapproto installs
lib/libXTrap installs
Xorg uses (and possibly installs)

All of them should eventually use ANSI C prototypes and get rid of
int_function and void_function

3. How to proceed

3.1. Move the declarations of int_function and void_function to xtrapddmi.h,
      and copy the declarations of void_function to xtraplib.h.

3.2.1. Move the headers (B) from proto/trapproto to lib/libXTrap
3.2.2. Modify app/xtrap not to use void_function (relatively simple)
3.2.3. Modify lib/libXTrap not to use void_function (relatively simple)
3.2.4. Remove that declaration from xtraplib.h.

3.3.1. Move the header (C) from proto/trapproto to the Xorg XTRAP extension
        (to be installed or not), and make sure any old installed version of
        <X11/extensions/xtrapddmi.h> is removed
3.3.2. Modify the Xorg XTRAP extension not to use int_function and
        void_function (may be somewhat complicated)
3.3.3. Remove these declarations from xtrapddmi.h.

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at>

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