Mouse button problems using Logitech NX80

Matija Šuklje matija.suklje at
Tue Nov 11 12:41:03 PST 2008

Dne torek 11. novembra 2008 je Matija Šuklje napisal(a):
> Dne torek 11. novembra 2008 je Dan Nicholson napisal(a):
> > Does the tilt scrolling work correctly without remapping buttons 6 and 7?
> Without ButtonMapping, the tilt scrolling works as expected, but
...but I still get the "middle button" emulation and useless buttons 8 and 9 
(where I would like to have the "middle button").

The same applies when I have both the '.fdi' file present and the 
ButtonMapping option in 'xorg.conf'.

It does seem to be possible to map these buttons, since as Thomas suggested, I 
am able to bind them to the desired effect using 'xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 9 3 
4 5 6 7 8 2"', but I feel this should be properly done in 'xorg.conf' and the 
xmodmap way feels kind of dirty to me.

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