Mouse button problems using Logitech NX80

Matija Šuklje matija.suklje at
Sat Nov 15 13:38:33 PST 2008

Dne torek 11. novembra 2008 je Dan Nicholson napisal(a):
> Most likely this is because X is adding devices from HAL and skipping
> the settings in xorg.conf. The way to solve this is to put your input
> configuration in an fdi file and comment out the settings in
> xorg.conf. 

OK, I've switched all my mouse and touchpad settings to HAL's .fdi files and 
commented them out in 'xorg.conf'.

* hotplugging works! :D
* both my new and old mouse get proper resolution out-of-the-box (they have 
different resolutions)

Not solved:
* button mapping for the mouse still doesn't work (see below)

New problems:
* button mapping for the mouse now works neither in KDE, nor KDM nor Fluxbox
* 'xev' now doesn't even recognise the HWheel buttons (evtest does though)
* synaptics driver using HAL ignores pretty much all the options (which also 
makes the 4-side scroll-buttons misbehave — 'xev' reports scroll up as '1', 
down as '3', left as '2', right as '8')

* is it normal that the touchpad doesn't get its own /dev/input/by-id/* 

I decided to pastebin the additional info, because a) I don't know what this 
lists policy is concerning attachments and b) too long e-mails are a pain to 
read ;)

The "9-buttoned" mouse with VWheel an HWheel — 'logitech-usb-reciever.fdi':

The mouse's 'evtest' output when testing all the buttons and wheels:

The touchpad with two buttons and a 4-side scrollbutton — 'synaptics.fdi':

The touchpad's 'evtest' output when testing all the buttons (LMB, RMB, "scroll 
buttons": up, down, left right):

And this is the relevant 'hal-device' output (at least what I think is 


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