keysymdef.h has wrong implies symbol?

Erik Streb del Toro mail at
Mon Nov 17 06:40:59 PST 2008

James Cloos schrieb am 28.10.2008 00:21:
>>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at> writes:
> Peter> well, that's the issue with the whole thing (Erik and me
> Peter> discussed that a bit):
> Peter> keysymdef.h states that XK_implies is U+21D2 RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE
> Peter> ARROW.  in mathematics, this is the usual symbol for "implies".
> Peter> however, according to (p
> Peter> 207), "implies" is an alias for RIGHT TACK.
> I wonder whether ⊢ is used for implies in APL?
> Peter> As Erik pointed out, right tack does have its own symbol
> Peter> XK_righttack, whereas there's no other XK_... for the double
> Peter> right arrow.
> Sounds like a good reason to go with the comment.  As does Erik’s note
> that Gnome’s code follows the comment rather than the current imKStoUCS
> implementation.
> Has anyone audited imKStoUCS.c to see whether there are any other
> discrepancies?
> -JimC

I’m still waiting for the solution of this little problem. I searched 
for discrepancies in imKStoUCS.c but couldn’t find any.

So, will someone please commit the small bugfix? Or what are we waiting for?


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