Making one multiseat user able to switch vts?

Kārlis Repsons karlis.repsons at
Tue Nov 18 01:06:15 PST 2008

On Tuesday 18 November 2008 04:50:33 you wrote:
> Kārlis Repsons escreveu:
> > In general it would be nice, if multiseat workstation administrator could
> > switch to vt[1-6]. Does Xorg support it somehow and is it possible to
> > implement (well, kindly ask someone to do it) such option? Otherwise
> > multiseat on Linux is quite problematic, if no ssh is used...
> > (also I noticed a problem with multiseat, that, if I stop X and login
> > manager permanently, I still could not switch to any vts)
> It's complicated. Pci-rework, through libpciaccess, cleaned a bunch of
> the mess that was living in our server. But that wasn't good enough.
> There's still some issues that don't let us remove the entirely Xorg's
> pci layer. And this is the point: there's a lot of pci users (VGACon,
> framebuffer, Xorg and possibly others) in your system fighting for the
> same piece of hardware.
> With lucky the kernel based modesetting will let the code more nice and
> trivial to remove more things from the server. Dave obtained a very nice
> demo recently starting a rootless X server.
So is that kind of "work in progress" or will never be fixed?

> Cheers,
> PS: really, try to avoid a single machine to configure your multiseat
> box. No one needs text console in our current world.
Well, this far I have two options: ssh or restart with console 
framebuffer-enabled kernel and other X settings, both of which are cumbersome 
solutions for dualseat.

Can I ask one more thing: what is causing those problems with console 
framebuffer on x86_64? If that thing is in kernel, I get messed-up screen 
time after time and console cursor blinking on primary video device 


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