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Jean-Francois Bouchard jean-francois.bouchard at idilia.com
Tue Nov 18 07:32:26 PST 2008

Le 12/11/2008 22:54, Jean-Francois Bouchard a écrit :
>> Problem :
>> We experience very slow scroll speed (lets say, cat /var/log/messages)
>> in Gnome terminal via XDMCP. (1M file : 1.5 minute to display)
> [snip]
>> On the fat server ...
>> X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 6.8.2
>> Kernel 2.6.9-78.0.1.ELsmp
>> Gnome 2.8
>          ^^^
> That's your problem, right there. vte as shipped in Gnome 2.8 was very 
> slow and major performance profiling was done later on (in 2.12 or 2.14, 
> I'm not sure).
> You should definitely try to update your "fat server" to a more recent 
> Gnome stack. It might not be perfect and there's probably some more room 
> left for improvements, but I think you'll find it a huge win over what 
> you are currently using.
> Cheers
> Rémi Cardon

Thats very interesting. For sure we will go forward and upgrade our
version. But the main problem here is the difference between a thin
client with Centos 4.3 and Ubuntu 8.10.

Test :
On the same hardware, same network cable.

Centos 4.2 default install. Only changed the inittab file to "X -query"
my server.

Ubuntu 8.10 default install. No change, I use the GDM button to query my
X server.

Same "Fat client".

Using Terminal (Gnome) by opening, maximizing (total window size : a bit
less then 1600x1200) the terminal and typing the command : sudo time cat
/var/log/secure.1 (file of 12819215 bytes) on both machines.

I obtain :
Centos 4.3 (in real) :

Ubuntu 8.10 (in real) :

Note that the experience with Ubuntu 8.10 seems much more sluggish (we
see blocks of bitmaps moving).
Note that with Ubuntu 8.04, the performance is better but never at the
level of Centos 4.3.
Note also that in both case, Konsole is blazing fast (display under 2sec).
Note that both install were using the "radeon" driver.

Thank you for you thought.

Jean-Francois Bouchard

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