Accelerating Ogg Theora and Dirac (was: MPEG-LA / Todo list)

Stan Cunningham stan.cunningham at
Sun Nov 23 22:33:36 PST 2008

Harald Welte wrote:

> Bruce has been trying to get a response from the MPEG-LA
> directly, while I've been talking with some differnt lawyers.

There is a way to keep the MPEG-LA completely out of this: make the OpenChrome driver accelerate only the Ogg Theora and Dirac formats, both of which are patent-free and 100% FOSS. This way neither VIA nor the user has to pay MPEG-LA -- or any other entity for that matter -- a single cent.

Bridgman from AMD said the same hardware that accelerates MPEG should theoretically accelerate Theora as well:

At first glance it looks like it should be possible. Theora uses 8x8 blocks (16x16 macroblocks) so the same hardware should work. I took a quick skim through the Theora spec and didn't see anything specific about rounding details during motioni comp processing but I think the MC-mode rounding in the 3D engine is pretty generic and should work.

Someone still has to *write* the decoder, of course.

As for the last part about the decoder, it would be nice if all FOSS drivers (OpenChrome, Radeon, Intel, etc) could share the same Theora and Dirac decoder.



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