Possible patch to enable hidden symbols by default

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Wed Nov 26 23:50:23 PST 2008


  Attached is a possible patch to enable compiling the XServer
and modules with hidden symbols by default. Please comment :-)

  The patch allows using the "--disable-visibility" option, and
variants to disable compilation with hidden symbols (or one could
go wild and change the xorg-server.pc :-)

  This patch probably is better then the one I had posted in
the bugzilla some time ago, as this one doesn't require changes
to modules, neither editing Makefile.am by Makefile.am to choose
if want hidden or public symbols; if the X Server works with
hidden symbols, so should the modules.

  I am also attaching a slightly modified version of the original
script I used to search for undefined symbols. To test it, run
% xorg-symbols.pl | less
to use the default prefix of /usr and module path of
/usr/lib/xorg/modules, or run it with the arguments -? or -h for
the available options.

  Right now, I am running today's git master, compiling the XServer
with the attached patch, and the recent patches I added.
  I am also using the vesa driver now; other modules requires more
patches, not yet added to avoid too much changes at a time...

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