Broken X11 After Mandriva Upgrade

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Sun Nov 30 07:51:34 PST 2008

Thanks again for the reply. Please see embedded comments.

> - gmane wrote:
> Actually this is wrong. We didn't split out the intel drivers back out 
> at that point it seems. I guess it was only did that later.
> I'm trying to remember if there is was a problem with 2008.0 or not. It 
> was caused by switching to the 2.x series IIRC and there were a few 
> regressions with that.
> If anyone knows when the below problem was fixed (e.g. in what version) 
> that would be useful as I can then do a backport for you on 2008.0.

Just for the record, neither vesa nor vga work either.

> Failing a known fix for the problem above, you can also try installing 
> the -i180 rpm from 2007.1 I think that should still work and not cause 
> this problem due ot the fact it was still on the 1.7.x series IIRC.

I found this package on the CD from 2007.0:


Hopefully that is what you meant.

> You may have to download the RPM mandually and install with --oldpackage 
> argument to rpm.

I have never tried to back level a version until now. When I try to install version 1.6.5-2 (using 'urpmi'), even using --oldpackage, it fails. I get 3 errors refering to "conflicts with a file in package ..." where the referenced package is the newer version of the driver, 2.1.1-4 and the files are /usr/lib/, /usr/lib/ and /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ Do I need to uninstall the newer package first or did I do something else wrong?

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