uinput devices

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xorg at mega-nerd.com
Sat Apr 4 01:04:55 PDT 2009

Tomas Carnecky wrote:

> If you have a hal-enabled xserver,

How do I check this?

> If you want to use xorg.conf, the best way is to refer  
> to the device by bus/vendor/product or the unique identifier. Your  
> device doesn't seem to have a unique identifier, but maybe it's not  
> possible in uinput. But if your bus/vendor/product is always the same,  
> simply use that.

Unfortunately, all I get is /dev/input/event10 which  I don't trust
to stay constant. There is no /dev/input/by-id/ or by-path entry.

> Another way is to use udev to automatically assign  
> fixed names to devices, so that you can use Device "/dev/input/xyz" in  
> xorg.conf. But again, no idea if udev works on uinput devices.

It seems not to :-(.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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