uinput devices

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Sat Apr 4 00:09:28 PDT 2009

On Apr 4, 2009, at 5:31 AM, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've working on a uinput device (currently in userspace) and trying
> to get it hooked up to Xorg (on Ubuntu).
> So far, I have a minimal driver which when run comes up in
> /proc/bus/input/devices as:
>    I: Bus=0006 Vendor=abcd Product=0001 Version=0001
>    N: Name="Touchscreen (userspace)"
>    P: Phys=
>    S: Sysfs=/devices/virtual/input/input19
>    U: Uniq=
>    H: Handlers=event10
>    B: EV=1
> I notice that everytime I restart my userspace driver the Sysfs
> entry changes (say input10 one time, input11 the next). Should
> this be happening or am I doing something wrong?

No, you're doing everything correctly. The kernel gives each input  
device an ID which increases with every new device.

> If this changes everytime I run the driver, how do I create a entry
> in xorg.conf to use? Should I be using udev to create a symlink?

If you have a hal-enabled xserver, it should pick up new devices  
automatically. If you want to use xorg.conf, the best way is to refer  
to the device by bus/vendor/product or the unique identifier. Your  
device doesn't seem to have a unique identifier, but maybe it's not  
possible in uinput. But if your bus/vendor/product is always the same,  
simply use that. Another way is to use udev to automatically assign  
fixed names to devices, so that you can use Device "/dev/input/xyz" in  
xorg.conf. But again, no idea if udev works on uinput devices.


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