startx results in an error or a black screen

Nix nix at
Sat Apr 4 14:06:14 PDT 2009

On 4 Apr 2009, Justin Mattock said:

> Hello, I'm creating an LFS system for the new imac, and am up to the
> point of compiling the xserver
> and all of it's libs/proto's. I decided to use git for all of the
> required dependencies
> which all compiled fine.
> The problem is when I "startx" I receive an error
> from("vesa""vga""nv") something about sig 11

i.e., a segfault.

Got a backtrace?

(Also, what video card? What driver? What version of the X server and
pixman packages? What's 'the new imac'? More info would be nice.)

> is this possible or is it not possible yet?

It is certainly possible to build a working X server from git: I and
many other people do it regularly.

I suspect you've got something wrong, but it's hard to say what with
this info.

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