X segment fault if use SW cursor

GordonYuan at viatech.com.cn GordonYuan at viatech.com.cn
Tue Apr 7 00:43:27 PDT 2009

Dear all,

When I use SW cursor on XServer 1.6.0, there is a segment fault when
display rotation (xrandr --output xxx --rotate left). But it's OK on
XServer 1.5.2. 

I trace the codes and find the cause. The function xxx_crtc_commit will
call xf86_reload_cursors(). 

In xf86_reload_cursors(),

cursor_screen_priv = dixLookupPrivate(&screen->devPrivates,

/* return if HW cursor is inactive, to avoid displaying two cursors */

if (!cursor_screen_priv->isUp)


    In fact, if use SW cursor, I find the cursor_screen_priv is NULL.
And X accesses the null pointer. That's why segment fault come out.
Maybe we can change it to if(!cursor_screen_priv). 

    Is it a bug on XServer 1.6.0?



Best wishes,


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