[Freeglut-developer] [Free]GLUT and MPX

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Tue Apr 7 00:59:28 PDT 2009

> Nothing has changed.  The reasons for rejecting the patch still apply.
> It's cool and all - but it's just not appropriate for FreeGLUT's distro.
Once again - I fully understand that. I just wanted to make this patch
available to the general public in some way, which is why it's now on
our project page.

> The only place where you could possibly get this patch would be with the
> 'OpenGLUT' package - which is a fork of freeglut.  Unfortunately - that
> package is no longer maintained - I doubt anyone uses it.
Yeah, I've once had a look at that two years ago, and it was already
broken then. So the solution is simple: I'll periodically keep that
patch up-to-date so it's applicable against FreeGLUT HEAD revision until
FreeGLUT 2.6.0 is released.... update: I just saw that rev. 813 _is_
going to be 2.6.0 - that's nearly perfect, as the patch is for rev.
813 :-)

Yours, Florian
0666 - Filemode of the Beast

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