Tuomo Valkonen tuomov at
Tue Apr 7 05:02:57 PDT 2009

On 2009-04-07, Simon Thum <simon.thum at> wrote:
> If transporting visual information that would otherwise go lost is 
> blurring, then I'm probably not from this world. The implementation 
> isn't ideal (not gamma correct), but switching off is an option.

Shitty low-resolution computer display hardware can't display that
information properly no matter how you mangle it. You have to design
simple fonts for it, that it can display properly.

In 1995, Linux was almost a bicycle; an alternative way of live to the
Windows petrol beasts that had to be taken to the dealer for service.
By 2008, Linux has bloated into a gas-guzzler, and the cycle paths 
have been replaced with polluted motorways.

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