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Tue Apr 7 16:15:06 PDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 15:37, Peter Harris <pharris at> wrote:
> Mark Wagner wrote:
>>, such as drawing images?  One of the big things I
>> need to update is the toolkit's image-handling code: right now, a
>> simple JPEG splashscreen takes seven seconds to draw.
> Seven seconds! The last time I saw a splashscreen take that long to
> draw, the app was doing a million XSetForeground/XDrawPoint pairs,
> instead of one single XPutImage.
> Without knowing exactly what you're doing, it is difficult to suggest
> improvements.

I believe the slow part is a million calls to XAllocColor().  Since it
works (if slowly), I haven't looked too closely at it.  I've been
concentrating on implementing features that are present in the Mac and
Windows branches of the toolkit, but not the Linux branch.

>> A good howto on
>> dealing with copy/paste would also be useful.
> As far as I know, not much has changed since the ICCCM was last updated
> ~15 years ago, aside from newer apps preferring the UTF-8 encoding for text.

And it was just as complicated then as it is now, especially compared
to the Windows SetClipboardData()/GetClipboardData() method.

Mark Wagner

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