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> >>, such as drawing images?  One of the big things I
> >> need to update is the toolkit's image-handling code: right now, a
> >> simple JPEG splashscreen takes seven seconds to draw.

> I believe the slow part is a million calls to XAllocColor(). 

Ahh, that's what's going on in my code I wrote last week. I was writing a quick demo program using Xaw and tried to use the display list stuff to load a XPM image into some of the label widgets. In my case, one image takes approximately 20 seconds while the second image takes over a minute! The worked fast once they were used once.

I gave up and wrote some code to load a PPM image into a Pixmap. Took about 30 minutes to write. There is no noticable delay in loading either image now. Of course I'm cheating. I have 24bit images going into a 24bit true color visual.

Anyway, if you can control the image format that's being loaded, don't be scared off from rolling your own code.

Mike McDonald

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