Alan Cox alan at
Thu Apr 9 03:31:18 PDT 2009

> He might have.  His response doesn't contain any useful information.

I think you are confusing "not containing information" with "not
understanding it"

> tie-in on the web-page, that's problematic since it's only the portion of 
> the API which has been unchanging for an extended period of time that 
> would be (in the normal sense of the word) "stable".

For bears of very little brain it works like this

During development people add new ideas.

If some of those turn out to be dumb then they don't make the stable
release but are taken out again. They are taken out before the new

If you download the development version of the program you will find
interfaces that will then be dropped or changed. They will be dropped or
changed before the next stable release.

If you use the official stable releases then you do not have to worry
about this. Interfaces that make the stable release will remain stable.

If any of the words I have used are too long please ask for help.


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