mouse pointer acceleration without threshold?

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Sun Apr 12 04:11:09 PDT 2009


you may want to read this:

It is geared towards development, but also contains a lot of end-user 
info as well.

 > with a constant acceleration (e.g. for gaming)? Something like
I'm not sure what you mean by 'constant acceleration'. This isn't really 
possible, because it means skipping pixels, which we don't want. Linear 
acceleration is likely what you want, i.e. the linear profile.

> 'xset m 3 0' doesn't work, AFAICS. 'xset m 1 0' does work, but this
> is way too slow on a big screen.
"Doesn't work" or is not what you want? 'xset m 1 0' is a direct 
translation from mouse to screen, if that's too slow, your only chance 
is acceleration. Especially for gaming, you're unlikely to want to skip 

'xset m 3 0' is a bit much acceleration, you can set a rational: 'xset m 
24/10 0'

Maybe your device can be set for a higher DPI value, this would probably 
be the only way to achieve constant acceleration. And, though I really 
can't recommend it, if you're using the mouse driver (not evdev), it has 
a "Sensitivity" option. Sensitivity > 1 should give you constant 
acceleration, but at the cost of precision (skipping pixels).

> Platform is Linux. xorg is 1.6, xset is 1.0.4. The mouse is a
> Logitech Trackman FX.
> Many thanx
> Harri
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