mouse pointer acceleration without threshold?

Harald Dunkel harald.dunkel at
Sun Apr 12 15:19:44 PDT 2009

Simon Thum wrote:
> Hi,
> you may want to read this:
> It is geared towards development, but also contains a lot of end-user
> info as well.

It helped to understand some things better, but see below.

>> with a constant acceleration (e.g. for gaming)? Something like
> I'm not sure what you mean by 'constant acceleration'. This isn't really
> possible, because it means skipping pixels, which we don't want. Linear
> acceleration is likely what you want, i.e. the linear profile.

Sorry, but I do want to skip pixels (for gaming only, as written
before). I understand that somebody overloaded (abused?)
threshold = 0 to provide a completely different acceleration
characteristic. I would like to have the "classic" profile with
a "simple" characteristic and a zero threshold.

In the past I used 'xset m 7 1'. Threshold = 1 was close enough to
zero for gaming, but with Xorg 1.6 this xset command seems to select
a different acceleration profile than the old "simple" one. Is this

How does xset affect the other profiles besides "classic"?

BTW, Xorg.0.log says

(**) CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter: (accel) keeping acceleration scheme 1
(**) CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter: (accel) filter chain progression: 2.00
(**) CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter: (accel) filter stage 0: 20.00 ms
(**) CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter: (accel) set acceleration profile 0
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Logitech USB Receiver" (type: MOUSE)
(**) Logitech USB Receiver: (accel) keeping acceleration scheme 1
(**) Logitech USB Receiver: (accel) filter chain progression: 2.00
(**) Logitech USB Receiver: (accel) filter stage 0: 20.00 ms
(**) Logitech USB Receiver: (accel) set acceleration profile 0



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