implementation of new unicode character "latin capital sharp s " = upper-case eszett = 0x1e9e

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Fri Apr 17 10:23:23 PDT 2009

 From time to time new characters are added to Unicode.

Which are the processes that lead to their inclusion in Linux/GNU/X11 ?

What is a typical time line ?

More specifically, I am interested in the capital sharp s added as 0x1e9e
in April 2008. It will serve as upper case form of the German eszett.

What needs to be done to make "Ssharp" a keysym for 0x1e9e,
in analogy to "ssharp" for 0x00df (lower case eszett) ?

Will font designers and maintainers take care of 0x1e9e to
actually produce the new letter?

While waiting for the new letter to be designed and implemented,
what could one do to have 0x1e9e produce a lower case eszett
as a substitute for the not yet available upper case eszett?

Thanks in advance - Joachim

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