implementation of new unicode character "latin capital sharp s " = upper-case eszett = 0x1e9e

James Cloos cloos at
Fri Apr 17 14:49:17 PDT 2009

|> What needs to be done to make "Ssharp" a keysym for 0x1e9e,
|> in analogy to "ssharp" for 0x00df (lower case eszett) ?

That is generally not needed.  The symbol U1e9e works.

|> Will font designers and maintainers take care of 0x1e9e
|> to actually produce the new letter?

I would expect so.  I know that it was added to DejaVu Serif and
DejaVu Sans; I expect DejaVu Sans Mono will also get it by the
next release.

|> While waiting for the new letter to be designed and implemented,
|> what could one do to have 0x1e9e produce a lower case eszett
|> as a substitute for the not yet available upper case eszett?

The easiest solution, for apps which support fallback fonts, would be to
create a family of fonts with that one glyph, using the ß glyph from your
favorite font family.

If you are using server-side bdf fonts, just edit them locally and add
a glyph for U+1E9E.

NB that, per the UCS and Unicode, uc("ß") != "ẞ"; it is still the case
that uc("ß") == "SS".

As such, support for U+1E9E may arrive a bit slower than for some other
additions to the UCS.

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