[Intel-gfx] Screen Corruption On Intel GM45

Mike Lothian mike at fireburn.co.uk
Sat Apr 18 05:57:27 PDT 2009

2009/4/17 Magnus Kessler <Magnus.Kessler at gmx.net>:
> On Friday 17 April 2009, Jesse Barnes wrote:
>> On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 23:04:36 +0100
>> Mike Lothian <mike at fireburn.co.uk> wrote:
>> > Hi
>> >
>> > I've noticed some horrible screen corruption using the lastest git
>> > xorg & intel stack with in X.
>> >
>> > I've made the screen usable by booting with i915.modeset=0 with
>> > Linus's latest tree (this just gives me a back screen with the
>> > intel-next tree)
>> >
>> > I think the problem surfaced the same time as the tiling patches
>> > appeared - is there a way to disable tiling to test this?
>> >
>> > My 2.6.29 and last weeks git kernels would refuse to startx for very
>> > long not allowing kde to start (it was possible to recognise the
>> > loading screen) it would just crash X then try and start it again
>> >
>> > The latest intel-next tree allows KDE to start WITH the corruption now
>> > when KMS is enabled. When I VT switch the consoles look fine, it's
>> > only X that's corrupted
>> >
>> > Hope this isn't too random a bug report
>> On GM45 you'll need
>> http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/anholt/drm-intel.git;a=commit;h
>>=f544847fbaf099278343f875987a983f2b913134 which is currently in Eric's
>> drm-intel-next branch.  Otherwise in a KMS config the 2D driver will try
>> to use a tiled buffer but the kernel won't set it up properly and you'll
>> just get corruption.
> Even with this patch, any non-trivial OpenGL using application will lead to
> a garbled screen within its own output window. The rest of the screen is
> unaffected.
> If the entire screen is corrupted when KDE starts up, this is most likely
> due to kwin compositing effects. Mike, can you try to set "[Compositing]
> Enabled=false" in your kwinrc file and restart KDE? This should give you a
> working KDE again with HEAD of xserver, although without the bling. Any
> OpenGL application you start within that session (or in a plain startx
> session with e.g. twm) will still be corrupted.
> For me xserver at commit 808fd2c67f303cb721769375b11ce8b90ffc1909 (just
> before the DRI2 fake front buffer patches) with the memory leak fix
> 7b6400a1b8d2f228fcbedf17c30a7e3924e4dd2a applied on top works quite well for
> the time being.
> Magnus

Yes switching of the "bling" allows KDE to be usable - glxgears is also fine


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