kernel 2.6.27 and git xorg stuff

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Thu Apr 30 23:38:46 PDT 2009


it seems that X development is tightly bound to bleeding-edge releases
of the Linux kernel.  I still have a kernel on my machine,
and I want to know whether I really have to update my kernel to test
the xserver and, in particular, the intel graphics driver.  For
example, I've seen in the intel announcement that they only support
UXA now.  But, AFAIK, this needs support from a kernel > 2.6.27.  Is
this correct?

BTW, what's the general policy w.r.t. to older kernels?  I can imagine
that many people would like to have a more recent X system (for
example, better 3D support for certain graphics cards) without having
to update the rest of the system...

Slightly off-topic: Regarding a new kernel, I wonder whether there is
a tool which helps in updating the kernel config file to the new
version.  Normally, zillions of kernel options either change its name,
appear, or disappear, making it very hard for normal users to find the
right configuration.

More off-topic, which would make my life *much* easier and saving me
from the hassles mentioned in the previous paragraph: Is someone
providing recent Linux kernels for openSuSE 11.1? :-)


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