[ANNOUNCE] xinput

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Aug 2 23:03:04 PDT 2009

Another snapshot for those building mainly from tarballs.
Mainly fixes for the ever-moving XI2 API.

Benjamin Close (1):
      Obtain the XInput opcode and check that GenericEvents are actually XI events

Peter Hutterer (12):
      Fix --help output for create-master and remove-master.
      test_xi2: use %#x alternative printf format.
      test_xi2: don't map the window before selecting for events.
      Plug memory leak from XGetAtomName.
      test_xi2: Update to use cookie events - require libXi
      test_xi2: Plug memory leak with XGetAtomName.
      Adjust to new, split-up raw event types.
      Use XI2 defines for enter/leave modes and detail.
      test_xi: Print deviceid for enter events too
      Print XINotifyPassiveGrab detail in enter events too.
      test-xi2: Update to keycode grabs instead of keysym grabs.
      Bump to

Thomas Jaeger (1):
      remove-master: document possible return modes in --help

git tag: xinput-

MD5: 66cb86beeb27c53f7de1bb39b918ec2f  xinput-
SHA1: c67b11edbf5d195c9733f5acd739ac9e5798dece  xinput-

MD5: ab8b1bbd9c9f7ddd2a2e1aaa0f0c928d  xinput-
SHA1: aa8db27b25fd83270b05c4766bc5bd4151b92406  xinput-

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