touchscreens in multiscreen setups

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at
Mon Aug 3 06:23:39 PDT 2009


How are touchscreens in multiscreen setups supposed to work nowadays?
The issue with touchscreens is that their input events have to be
transformed according to configuration of the screen they are
physically connected to.

For a concrete example, I have a dual screen setup with nextwindow USB
(HID) touchscreens. This used to work nicely with the evtouch driver,
where you could configure each touchscreen to bind to a specific
screen number in xorg.conf, which evtouch would then use to deliver
the input events transformed to that screen.

Now, with xrandr instead of Xinerama there is only one screen and the
above doesn't work (the coordinates gets scaled to the entire screen
instead of the individual outputs).

What is the suggested solution for this? Add randr output tracking to
evtouch or should evdev handle this instead?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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