ANN: xterm patch #244

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Aug 9 14:31:37 PDT 2009

                             Patch #244 - 2009/8/9

     * refactored  storage of saved-lines, providing a configure option to
       manage  them  as  a  FIFO  (actually  a circular buffer), improving
       performance.   Added   configure   option   --enable-fifo-lines  to
       enable/disable the new feature (it is enabled by default).
     * added  fastScroll  resource,  to  amuse people who measure terminal
       emulator performance by cat'ing large files to the screen.
     * modify  check  in readPtyData from return values to provide exit on
       zero-bytes  read  from  pty  for  FreeBSD, or eliminate high-CPU in
       "xterm-hold"  processing (discussion with Ulrich Spoerlein, FreeBSD
       ports/136686).   The  check  was  originally  modified  to  combine
       negative/zero values in XFree86-3.1.2E, 1996/05/06.
     * add    configure    option    --enable-16bit-chars    to    provide
       wide-characters with 16-bits (rather than the default 32-bits).
     * add  retryInputMethod resource to allow configuring out the retries
       xterm  uses to connect to non-responsive XIM server, to work around
       defective X configurations as noted in [248]NetBSD mailing list.
     * make  regular-expression  selection  work  for  VT100  double-sized
     * improve  layout  when  drawing missing characters in a proportional
       font,  e.g.,  as  boxes,  to  take  into  account  whether they are
       double-width (report by Guilbert Stabilo on
     * add  capability  for  keypad-center  (kb2/KA2) to termcap entry for
       xterm-new,   as  well  as  xterm-8bit,  xterm-sun  and  xterm-vt220
       (FreeBSD conf/136336).
     * change  default  for  keepSelection  resource  to true (prompted by
       discussion with David Muir Sharnoff).
     * remove a limit-check in ptydata.c, allowing Unicode values past 64k
       to be displayed using TrueType fonts (Debian #458432).
     * remove a vt52-specific ifdef to allow mapping F1-F4 to PF1-PF4 when
       vt52 support is not compiled (report by Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert).
     * save/restore  line-wrapping  flags  when converting from ISL-8859-1
       encoding to UTF-8 encoding, as well as when resizing screen.
     * remove extra adjustment of position in fix for Debian #418324.
     * modify default check for mkWidth resource to check for line-drawing
       characters,  which  are  categorized  as double-width in Solaris 10
       (report by Sebastian Kayser).
     * add "print-everything" action (patch by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu).
     * start refactoring scrollback data using new getLineData() function.
     * demote recent change to Debian #252873 fix to experimental, ifdef'd
       out as EXP_BOGUS_FG (Debian #522141).
     * work  around  groff mapping of ASCII quotes using macros (requested
       by  Reuben  Thomas  based  on  Colin  Watson  advice,  fixes Debian
     * correct  symbol  used  for  default  of  allowWindowOps  which  was
       DEF_ALLOW_FONT  rather  than  DEF_ALLOW_WINDOW  (report by Matthieu
     * amend fix for tek4014 from [249]patch #243 to make it only apply to
       the Tek Options menu.

Thomas E. Dickey
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