NV FX5200 and PAL Interlaced

Michael Berghegger Michael at Berghegger.de
Tue Aug 11 05:20:40 PDT 2009


For a while im trying to build a HTPC with GEEXBOX (www.geexbox.org).

Im connect my Card to a PAL-TVset using a VGA to Scart Adapter.

In an older version which i dont know anymore this works good, by now i cant get it to work anymore..

What im find out by now is, that because theres no DDC from the TVSet the driver sets TVOut on CRTC0.

So ive did a bad hack on nv_setup.c and so the driver chooses crt..

Now my Modeline  "720x576i"x49.9   13.88  720 744 808 888  576 581 586 625 interlace -hsync -vsync is recongnized in Xorg.log.

But the Output dont work, and looking at xrandr seems to say, that interlaced is not used..

Thanks for help, I can give Xorg.log when needed..

By the way: Driver NVIDIA can do this mode with interlace, but shows only the upper half of Video-Overlay

Regards Mike

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