Mapping combo to key and key to combo

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at
Thu Aug 27 02:37:01 PDT 2009

On Thursday 27 August 2009 10:29:04 Matthijs Kooijman wrote:

> > generally speaking, that's (in the context of X) a feature of the
> > applications that you're using.  For instance, xterm supports
> > this using the X Toolkit's translations resource.  (Some other
> > widely-used applications offer no support for what you're asking
> > - ymmv).
> Hah, that's useful. I've been looking for a way to translate Ctrl-l
> to insert λ for a while now,

This one I know how to achieve -- but please note I don't indent to 
map keys/combos to characters but to key events -- F15, home, A (as 
key), *not* "ą", "×" (characters).

> It seems this mechanism is also useful for what the OP wants, but
> it is indeed application specific. You should therefore not try to
> map F13 to shift+home, but map it to whatever function shift+home
> performs. 

This would mean I would have to set mapping per each application, 
undoable. I need something more low-level, system-wide, to "fool" any 
app that I am really pressing the assigned keys.

> I hope this helps a bit, it did the trick for me anyway.

Yes, thank you -- I'll read the links and find out what can be used to 
solve my problem.


PS. I am subscriber to this ML.

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