Bug in interaction between freeglut and mesa-7.3-rc2

Rémi Cardona remi at gentoo.org
Mon Jan 19 00:01:14 PST 2009

Le 19/01/2009 08:52, Florian Echtler a écrit :
>> Apologies.  I misread the original message.  For whatever reason (blame
>> it on being Friday), I thought you were replacing glXMakeCurrent with
>> glXMakeContextCurrent, not the other way around.
> Never mind, I was starting to get confused, too.. :-)
>> There are two bugs in freeglut:
>> - It calls a GLX 1.3 function on a system that doesn't support GLX 1.3.
> Could you check for GLX 1.3 at compile time? I suppose not, but maybe
> there is a way?

You should check it at run-time, like any other X extension. The GLX 
spec [1] has a section on how to do precisely that. GLX 1.1 and newer 
implementations should support the version-querying calls such as 
glXQueryExtension and glXQueryVersion.

[1] http://www.opengl.org/documentation/specs/glx/glx1.4.pdf


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