Profiling Xorg

Matthew Fincham matthewf at
Mon Aug 9 23:23:58 PDT 2010

  Hi all

I am running the following combination:

NetBSD 5
Xorg 1.4.2
Intel 2.7.1

In this particular application Xorg is running very hot - up to 90%.

What is the best way to profile Xorg? I have asked the NetBSD newsgroups 
but have heard nothing but deafening silence. I have read about sysprof 
on Linux, but unfortunately this tool is not available on NetBSD (at 
least it is not in the NetBSD packages). I am looking for a way to do a 
"-g" build of Xorg and then use gprof to do an analysis, although I 
accept it may not be that simple!

I would appreciate any help/direction.

Many thanks
Matthew Fincham

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