X regression

Frans de Boer frans at fransdb.nl
Wed Aug 11 01:50:10 PDT 2010

Dear Reader,

The automatic configuration of the X server is a good step ahead. Alas,
there are some issues involving the user experience. To name just two:
  - Easy per desktop resolution setting with or without panning is missing.
  - Easy definition of virtual screen and on the fly screen resolution
changes using the ctrl+alt+-/+ keys are missing.

Yes, you have the xrandr CLI utility, but in a graphical world using a
CLI utility which is not intuitive too??
The above remarks can be overcome by manually creating/editing the
xorg.conf file. But be honest, normal end users can do that?

As it stands now, the X (7.5) experience has less features then before
making Windows and Mac interesting again because they offer per screen
resolution setting using a GUI and if the driver supports it, panning
too. Alas, they don't offer fast (using the keyboard) resolution changes
as the X 7.4 and before versions did.

So - lacking a feature request function - I like to see:
  - Previous resolution changes using a key sequence on a virtual canvas
being restored.
  - Easy per screen resolution setting with optional panning being restored.
  - Offer a GUI for the xrandr utility with intuitive settings (so none
technical people can use it too).

People before me have suggested to send a bug report, but since removal
of these features have been done by design, it can't be a bug since it
is a feature (or lack of).


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