X regression

Andre Majorel aym-11x at teaser.fr
Wed Aug 11 07:35:08 PDT 2010

On 2010-08-11 10:50 +0200, Frans de Boer wrote:

> The automatic configuration of the X server is a good step ahead. Alas,
> there are some issues involving the user experience. To name just two:
>   - Easy per desktop resolution setting with or without panning is missing.
>   - Easy definition of virtual screen and on the fly screen resolution
> changes using the ctrl+alt+-/+ keys are missing.
> [...]
> The above remarks can be overcome by manually creating/editing the
> xorg.conf file. But be honest, normal end users can do that?

There is a way to get ctrl-alt-[+] and ctrl-alt-[-] back ?
Please share. I've mentioned them not working several times on
different mailing lists and NEVER got an answer.

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