Zapping the Xorg server

Miles Bader miles at
Thu Aug 26 00:25:04 PDT 2010

Wolfgang Draxinger <wdraxinger.maillist at> writes:
>> I'm one of those who's work would be severely disrupted by a hardwired
>> CTRL-ALT-Backspace Zap.  CTRL-ALT-Backspace is hardwired in my fingers
>> from nearly 30 years of editing using Emacs and kin.
> Just curious here, and don't want to start a editor war. But please
> tell a hardcore Vim user: What hotkey/command of Emacs collides this
> with?

Bindings like Control-Meta-foo are generally used in Emacs for
navigating by and operating on s-expressions (an s-expression is
basically a word or parenthetically-balanced text); so C-M-f goes
forward by 1 sexp, C-M-b goes backward, C-M-u goes up, etc.

Following this pattern, C-M-backspace _should be_ "delete previous

Only instead, it kills your X server...  :(

This hit me regularly because I'd get very very used to the "hold down
control and meta with one hand, and hit f/b/u/etc with the other to
operate on sexps" pattern, and then, naturally, hit the backspace

I would also occasionally hit it simply by accident, I think because I'd
try to hit M-backspace (delete previous word), but would be slightly too
slow in releasing the control-key from a previous command... man, _that_
was annoying!!


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