Zapping the Xorg server

Wolfgang Draxinger wdraxinger.maillist at
Thu Aug 26 02:16:07 PDT 2010

On Thu, 26 Aug 2010 16:25:04 +0900
Miles Bader <miles at> wrote:

> (...)
> Only instead, it kills your X server...  :(


Well, using Vim (and I preferably in uxterm) one is kind of protected
from loosing changes by putting things into a screen session (but of
course all the other non-text-console programs will loose their stuff).
Seeing a lot of Emacs users using XEmacs or GNU Emacs in X mode that
obviously won't work.

Which brings me to something I always wondered about: Why is there no X
pendant for screen (or I'm not aware of it)? I.e. some proxy X server,
opening an additional display passing through X transparently, keeping
record of prerequisite resources. And make this proxy de-/attachable.
So far I emulated such using Xvnc, but that means no HW acceleration,
no indirect GLX and such things. Of course such a thing boils down to
implementing an almost fully featured X server, so if I were to
implement such a thing, I'd probably start of kdrive/Xephyr.


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