Problem with X&xbindkeys(xgrabkey). Buffer overflow?

ENRIQUE ARIZON BENITO enrique.arizonbenito at
Wed Dec 1 00:11:34 PST 2010

I was trying to use xbindkeys to control the power on/off a monitor through
an wireless keyboard.

Such remote keyboard has a peculiarity:
It emits short pulses of infrared signals to the USB base. Each long
keypress in the keyboard is transmited as a row of about 20 pairs per second
of keypress/keyrelease events.

Through xbindkeys I associate a given key code to the script that will
actually switch on/off the monitor.

First tests worked fine, but the problem comes when I press for a long time
(maybe two or three seconds) a key. Then X randomly start an infinite loop
an I have no other option that killing and restarting the X system.

I'm really interested in fixing the problem source since this is the last
piece in a puzzle to finish my project, but I don't known exactly where to
look at.

I would appreciate any help or hint or link to start tracing in the X source
files to find a solution


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