Strange libXrender behaviour on Solaris10/SPARC

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Dec 2 10:27:25 PST 2010

Nicolai Stange wrote:
> Alan, will this issue be fixed in the Xnewt?

I have no idea, I don't work on Xnewt directly.   I work in the Solaris
team - Xnewt is part of the Sun Ray product and is managed by their team.
(We of course talk a lot and work together a lot, but I can't commit fixes
 to their source repos, nor make commitments about them doing so.)

If you have a support contract, you can file a bug and then escalate it
for a patch - if not, try asking on the sunray-users mailing list to at
least get the attention of some of the engineers who work on Xnewt (though
going through that channel would likely just fix in a future release, not
a patch for the current releases, so if you want a patch to fix it
soon - call support).

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	 Oracle Solaris Platform Engineering: X Window System

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