Custom modeline in 10-monitor.conf?

Robert shadows88 at
Sat Dec 4 12:05:27 PST 2010

I upgraded xorg-server and I noticed it didn't read my settings. I 
figured that the new xorg probably must have deprecated the xorg.conf 
file, and that I would have to configure it in the new way of using 
/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d instead. And sure enough, the arch linux wiki said 
that 10-monitor.conf is the new config file for monitor settings. I 
looked at a couple of examples on the internet and it seemed easy.

So I migrated my xorg.conf monitor settings to 10-monitor.conf, but my 
custom modelines doesn't work.

I'll attach the 10-monitor.conf and the Xorg.0.log to this message.

 From what I can understand of this, it seems that it thinks it should 
use the modelines on the laptop monitor instead of the external monitor, 
and therefore discards them since they can't be used on that monitor. 
Did I configure something incorrectly?

As you can see from the config file and the log, I'm using an Intel GMA 
965 gpu. The reason I need these modelines is because the 965 is not 
powerful enough to output at 2048x1536 at 75hz, but it IS capable of 
outputting it at 2048x1536 at 70. The same is true with the other modelines 
I have.

I tried asking on the arch linux forum since that's the distro I use, 
but no one answered so hopefully this is a better place to ask.
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