X.Org Foundation Board of Directors 2010 Election

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Feb 16 11:02:48 PST 2010


   > expo (the 2U machine) was there originally, and this serves the
   > needs of *.x.org fairly well.  The 3U machines were donated by
   > Sun and were earmarked for backup, redundancy, sharing fd.o
   > workload (including mirroring), etc.

Does anyone happen to know the specs of the Sun machines?  It'd be
useful to know whether they have enough CPU and RAM to still make
competitive servers -- if so, I'd volunteer to install an OS on them,
else we might just unrack them and save the money, or buy something


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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