X.Org Foundation Board of Directors 2010 Election

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 16 13:05:14 PST 2010

Chris Ball wrote:
>    > expo (the 2U machine) was there originally, and this serves the
>    > needs of *.x.org fairly well.  The 3U machines were donated by
>    > Sun and were earmarked for backup, redundancy, sharing fd.o
>    > workload (including mirroring), etc.
> Does anyone happen to know the specs of the Sun machines?  It'd be
> useful to know whether they have enough CPU and RAM to still make
> competitive servers -- if so, I'd volunteer to install an OS on them,
> else we might just unrack them and save the money, or buy something
> else.

>From my old e-mail, the order we submitted for then in 2005 was for 2 systems,
each with:

Sun Fire V40z AMD Opteron 3U Rack Mnt x86 Server:2xAMD Opteron 850 CPUs,
4 DDR1/333 Registered ECC DIMMs (4x1GB), 1x73GB 10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI disk,
2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, RAID 1,LOM, 4xFull Hght/Full-Lgth 64 bit/133 MHz
PCI-X slots, 1xFull Hgt/Full-Lgth and 1xFull Hgt/Half-Lgth 64-bit /100MHz
slots,1xHalfHght/Half Lgth 64-bit/66MHz PCI-X slot, DVD/flpy incl- 2 redundant

plus 4 additional 300GB 10K 300GB 10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI disks to split between

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