X.Org Foundation Board of Directors 2010 Election

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Feb 16 13:28:07 PST 2010


   > Sun Fire V40z AMD Opteron 3U Rack Mnt x86 Server:2xAMD Opteron
   > 850 CPUs, 4 DDR1/333 Registered ECC DIMMs (4x1GB), 1x73GB 10K RPM

Thanks; somewhat entry-level by 2010 standards (unsurprisingly), then.

Sounds like the decision is between:

(a) get them going anyway, perhaps use for backups and some tinderbox
    clients (though they don't have hardwart virt, which would help)
(b) unrack them (and save some money?)
(c) unrack them and buy or seek donation of replacement machine(s)?

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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