xrandr dual-screen usability survery (Was: Dual-head config broke with update to 1.4.2)

Eeri Kask Eeri.Kask at inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Feb 18 23:03:51 PST 2010

Am 02/18/2010 03:57 PM, Alan Coopersmith schrieb:
> or (3) have paying customers who want it to be supported, so it's
> worth them spending the time needed on it?   (I have no knowledge
> of whether that's the case or not, it just seems like an obvious
> possibility that you overlooked, since Nvidia pays developers to
> work on Xorg drivers because it brings in revenue for them.)

Oh indeed ... which pragmatically implies the "dual" economic

(4) lacking significant paying customer base demanding removal of
classic multiscreen support...


    Eeri Kask

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