Board voting ends today, but...

Luc Verhaegen libv at
Thu Feb 18 05:44:11 PST 2010

Since voting is officially ending today I have cast my votes just now...
but i did not at all feel comfortable doing so.

While we did start to get some insights in the Boards doings of the past 
year, these insights are very limited indeed.

There are no transcripts nor minutes of meetings. Irc meetings are 
supposed to be free and open now, but the first one to become free was 
the one from this tuesday.

There is little to no information about the Foundation Boards 
financial handlings. Several years ago, several companies (at least one, 
Sun) deposited a lot of money into the foundation. It seems that the 
foundation had 222k usd at the start of 2007; and we have 125k usd 
today. We are not getting many details on how these funds were used, and 
we only get some very general statements about how these funds were used 
in the last year. And it seems that nobody on the actual board of 
directors has anything but some hazy ideas of what is going on.

All of this makes me extremely uneasy, especially since we have to vote 
on a partial replacement of this board, right now.

Is there anyone else who, that with the information that has now become 
available, would like to alter their vote? Is there anyone here who 
thinks that he has not enough information available today to be able to 
vote at all?


Luc Verhaegen.

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