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On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 05:33:05PM +0100, Matthias Hopf wrote:
> On Feb 18, 10 21:45:07 +0000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > As far as I can tell (and I've not looked hard, because I'd like to
> > escape the office early), XDS 2007 cost $US10k for the venue, around
> > $US24k for travel sponsorship (no joke)
> As long as has enough money I do not care too much about how much
> money is spent for helping people getting to the event. I think the 2007
> event was a big success, so money well spent.
> That said, with the current funding we cannot do the same for another 10
> years :-]

Well, we made the decision back in ... 2006, I think, to not rebill our
sponsors, as we were accumulating cash much faster than we were spending
it, with a huge bank balance.  As someone mentioned earlier, obviously
that will be re-evaluated at some stage.

> > , and something like $US5k lost
> > to PayPal (they decided we were scammers and took our money) as well as
> > around $US5k that vanished into the Brazilian banking system, which
> > gives us $US45k for one conference.
> Jikes!
> I didn't know it was that much. Now thinking of it I do not remember
> what we used PayPal for...

Clare College would only accept one large group booking for
accommodation (and accommodation is ridiculously expensive and generally
quite hard to find in Cambridge outside the colleges), so we decided to
book for most everyone coming to the conference and pay Clare ourselves,
then collect the money off everyone who wasn't sponsored.  At first, we
tried to use PayPal for this.

> Anyway, I'm rather interested what the Brazilian bank mafia had to do
> with all this? I doubt anybody thought these scaming mails were for
> real and something to be worth investing?!?

Haha, of course not. :) It was wiring money to two of the Brazilians we
sponsored to come to XDS 2007.

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