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Matthias Hopf mhopf at
Fri Feb 19 09:19:42 PST 2010

On Feb 19, 10 17:01:15 +0000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > I didn't know it was that much. Now thinking of it I do not remember
> > what we used PayPal for...
> Clare College would only accept one large group booking for
> accommodation (and accommodation is ridiculously expensive and generally
> quite hard to find in Cambridge outside the colleges), so we decided to
> book for most everyone coming to the conference and pay Clare ourselves,
> then collect the money off everyone who wasn't sponsored.  At first, we
> tried to use PayPal for this.

Ah, thanks!

> > Anyway, I'm rather interested what the Brazilian bank mafia had to do
> > with all this? I doubt anybody thought these scaming mails were for
> > real and something to be worth investing?!?
> Haha, of course not. :) It was wiring money to two of the Brazilians we
> sponsored to come to XDS 2007.

5k? OMFG. Well, ok, it's only 2,5k per person, and currently I don't
know what flights to Brazil cost... sounds a bit much, but if everything
was delayed due to issues (or if this includes a second, successful,
attempt at getting the tickets) it's reasonable.

Thanks again, Daniel


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