Summer of Code 2010

Barton C Massey bart at
Mon Feb 22 17:19:35 PST 2010

I am hoping for X.Org to once again participate in Google's
Summer of Code program in 2010.  It has been very successful
for us in the past.  The mentoring organization application
period starts in a week or two.

In previous years, I've tried to share the responsibility
for being Org Admin for Google/X.Org SoC.  It hasn't worked
very well, maybe because of communication fail on my part.
I guess I'm willing to continue leading this if no one else
qualified wants to, but I'd also be happy to turn it over
entirely to someone else; I can also give you some tips
above and beyond what is in the GSoC Mentoring Guide [1] I
helped write last summer.

SO: If you're a hard-working person with good communication,
organization and time management skills who would like to be
the Google/X.Org Summer of Code Organization Administrator
in 2010, please let me know.  Past experience with GSoC
would be a big plus here, as would good contacts in the
X.Org Dev community.  Above all, you'll be on the hook to
make sure that the program succeeds. Google only continues
to fund those Mentoring Orgs that consistently keep up with
their paperwork and get good results for / from the

Thanks for your time and potential interest.

    Bart Massey
    bart at


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