Paypal stealing from Xorg [was: Re: Board voting ends today, but...]

Egbert Eich eich at
Thu Feb 25 05:06:45 PST 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 07:19:26PM +0000, Steffen Schaumburg wrote:
> I propose the following actions:
> - Unless it's definitely a complete waste of time civil as well as
> criminal charges should be brought by Xorg against eBay, as far as this
> is possible without undue costs or risks to Xorg. Remember - just
> because the contract says that eBay can steal doesn't mean it's not a
> crime if they actually do it. Laws supersede contracts.
> - Information about this (especially emails from eBay "support") should
> be made public and should be publicised, e.g. by emails to this list,
> the Xorg Wiki (on that note - there's actually a suggestion on there to
> use Paypal to donate to Xorg devs...), etc. Due to the particularly
> despicable nature of the crime (what kind of a sick perverted bastard
> steals from a charity?) and the likely negative effect on other related
> projects I'd go as far as putting a link or banner about this right on
> the front page.

Actually The first step that should happen here is that the treasurer
gives a full report of what happened to the BoD. The board then
should check back with X.Org's legal counsel if and what action should
be taken to recover the money. 
>From there on this information should be made public - however this
disclosure shouldn't be done without communication with the counsel.


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